In comics we trust. Events and projects for pop culture industries


  • Design and curatorship; production, fittings and staging; online ticketing
  • Projects: Moebius (Naples, Pordenone), Manga Heroes (Milan, Naples), Bonelli Story (Milan, Florence, Naples), Drawing Dante (Paris, Marseille, Hamburg, Strasbourg, Qu├ębec City, Taipei)...

  • Live drawing formats; show-talk formats; theatrical performances
  • Projects: Dylan Dog Experience, COMICON Ring, Tournament of Live Online Bats.

  • Products: brand and product marketing; creative workshops; contests; corporate calendars
  • Clients and partners: Monte dei Paschi Foundation, Campania Region, Nvidia, GLS, Scabec, Scarlatti Association, culture departments and cultural institutes in Italy and abroad

  • Artists: Milo Manara, Tanino Liberatore
  • Clients: Chanel, Christie's, Ulysse Nardin, Yamamay, Nvidia, Lavazza, Texaco, Eni, Vogue Italia. Artistic collaborations: Brigitte Bardot, Adriano Celentano, Valentino Rossi

  • Publications: comics, artbooks, art catalogs, portfolios, limited editions
  • Authors: Moebius, Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Milo Manara, Tanino Liberatore, Baudoin, Winshluss...

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